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I am a resident of Mykonos, which is an island in Greece, I am a 21-year-old boy, I am a very sociable person, I like helping people, but being too social is also not good if I Were not been social, I would not have done what the five naughty Escort Mykonos women did to me.

A day before the full moon, five women of my locality made a plan to go to Mykonos tomorrow.

I have a car, so they came to my escort mykonos house and said, Brother, will you bring me to take a bath in the river, they will give whatever money it takes. , I thought no problem, I will leave, I will only charge you the price of petrol, and left for mykonos at around 3 in the morning.

Among the five, one was my aunt who was 45 years old and two sisters-in-law who were 30 years old and 32 years old and two sisters who were apparently 28 years old and one was 31 years old.

I reached Mykonos with everyone, parked the car. When he went to take bath in River, all the people took bath on it, but seeing him taking bath, everyone was staring at him, because everyone took bath with a big veil, everyone’s breasts were visible in some form or the other, when they took a dip in the water.

Coming back, everyone’s breasts looked like footballs, they looked even sexier if their clothes stuck to their ass, I started getting an erection just looking at them, the limit reached, when they started changing their clothes, I was the one who changed the bedsheet.

To protect them from the eyes of the people, everyone was coming one by one to change their clothes and both I and my aunt were holding the bedsheet together.

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I saw all five of them naked, everyone’s breasts, everyone’s ass, everyone’s pussy, someone’s pussy had more hair, someone’s pussy had big hair, someone’s big breast, someone’s small, someone’s stomach was wide, someone’s stomach was like a deer.

Someone’s butt was thick and someone’s You can assume that after seeing all that, without moving my penis, I ejaculated twice and all the semen remained in my panties.

You are reading this story on, I feel like this. I was feeling as if I was in heaven, seeing five five naked and the smile on her lips without any shame, just imagine what a scene it would be.

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Then everyone together did the sex and after going to the hotel, having dinner, booked a room in a hotel because we had to leave early in the morning, there were beds placed below in the Hotel, a total of 6 of us started resting there, I was very tired.

Because of this, I fell asleep early. As soon as I woke up, I saw that one of my sisters-in-law was caressing my penis from above. As soon as I looked at her, she started opening the hook of the blouse and freed her breasts and placed them on my mouth.

I gave in, I then pulled up her saree and climbed on her, she spread her legs, as soon as I gave 10 to 15 thrusts, my aunt also woke up and she also started caressing me, and started rubbing her pussy on my ass, then Sister-in-law separated and Tai lay down, she opened her vagina and inserted my penis into her pussy.

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While that sister-in-law was rubbing her boobs on my ass, then two more woke up, both of them took off their clothes, one started rubbing her pussy and the other on my body.

One was still sleeping, so Tai I woke up all five and got fucked, then what was that, I started fucking all five of them one by one, I fucked them for about an hour, at that time I had already ejaculated 3 times, but at that time the pussy of all five of them was on fire.

I quickly got dressed. I wore it and took Viagra from the medical center and drank some dry fruits and hot milk, then what happened throughout the night, I fucked all five Mykonos Escorts one by one and then in the group.

On the next day my condition had become very bad, why? I was fucking all night long while eating tablets, now I take all five of them to escort mykonos on every day, along with a lot of sexy girls, when you come again to nonveg story dot, I will tell you another such hot story. ,

Seduce Escort Mykonos milf and fucked her

This incident happened when I had just become young.

At that time we lived in a rented escort mykonos.
It was a two-storey escort mykonos house, in which the kitchen was on the lower floor.

One day during summer vacation, uncle and aunt and their three-month old daughter had come.

This aunty porn story is about these aunties.

While eating, uncle said to me – Maybe your aunt is upstairs, call her for food.

I went upstairs and in the bedroom aunty was breastfeeding her three month old daughter.
She had taken out one breast from her blouse.

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As soon as I called, aunty the food was ready.
Saying OK, aunty moved the girl aside.

Then my eyes fell on aunty’s bare breasts.
Her breasts were quite large and her light brown nipples were shining.
A drop of milk was visible hanging from it.

Seeing that scene changed the way I looked at my aunt.

After a few days, aunty went back but after that, remembering aunty’s breasts, I started masturbating every day.

After about four years, uncle and aunt returned to the house due to financial problems.

Uncle started going to work.
Aunty’s arrival in the escort mykonos house was a matter of great happiness for me.

This time when I saw aunty, she had changed a lot.

Aunty had become a little fat but her figure was quite nice.
Her ass had become bigger and her breasts also looked much bigger than before.

One day while taking bath, I saw aunty’s bra lying in the bathroom.
36 was written on it.
I understood that aunty’s boobs are of 36 size.

Now every day while taking bath, I would smell aunty’s bra and panty, wrap them around my penis, masturbate and release my semen on her bra or panty.

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Due to this my courage started increasing day by day.
Now I started masturbating boldly into aunty’s bra and panty.

Then one day I was caught.
Aunty asked me – Should I tell your mother about what you are doing with my clothes?
I shook my head and refused.

Aunty told uncle about this.
Uncle scolded me a lot and told me never to do this again.
He also said that if you don’t agree then he will tell this to my parents.

Now I started taking photos of aunty secretly. I knew the size of my aunt, so I would put that size on Google and look at pornstars of that size and imagine my aunt and masturbate.

My lust had increased a lot. Now I used to edit aunty’s photo and paste it on the photo of some pornstar and see her completely naked and masturbate.

After two years, uncle and aunt went back and I also went to the city for further studies and became busy.

Recently a call came from the escort mykonos that uncle has been admitted to the hospital.
Papa told me to immediately arrange some money and come to the town.
I went to the town.
Uncle was in the hospital.

After meeting him, I went to his house. Aunty said, wash your hands and feet, I will keep making tea.
When I went to the bathroom, aunty’s bra and panties were hanging to dry.

This was the same bra panty in which I used to masturbate. The bra had become very loose and many holes were visible in the panty.
After smelling that bra panty, my penis got erect and I inserted my penis back into the bra.

Aunty’s daughter went to school the next day. Only aunty and I were in the house.
Aunty served her tea and after that she went to take bath but after coming back she saw that aunty had come out very angry.

She told me that you have grown so much, you have to do these things despite what is happening at home!
Saying this, aunty angrily threw the bra filled with her pussy on my face.

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I remained silent.

After some time aunty calmed down so I went to aunty with the bra.
I had washed the bra.
While giving the bra, I said to aunty, please forgive me. But this is the same bra, isn’t it? You have been using the same one since you came to our house a few years ago!

When I looked at aunty, she had tears in her eyes.

Then I asked aunty – What happened, why are you crying?
She started saying – Your uncle does not earn anything. There is no money in the escort mykonos house. I don’t even have clothes to buy, so I am wearing only torn bra and panties.

I told aunty- Aunty, don’t cry, now your nephew has become a doctor. Earns well. Tell me what do you want?
Aunty started refusing.

After asking many times, she said – just get clothes for your daughter!
I said- Yes aunty, but what do you need?

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She said- Nothing.
I said- Not like this aunty, say something.

After that I asked aunty in a low voice – Is your size still the same, or has it increased?
Aunty started looking at me and became calm.
She went to make tea.

Aunty came out with tea and while giving tea she said – The bra is the same, the panty has changed. Now mine has become 36 inches long.
By that he meant ass.
I understood.

I bought clothes for my aunt’s daughter from the local shop in the escort myknos and gave it to her.

Aunty was looking at me.
Looking at her daughter’s clothes she said to me – Didn’t you bring anything for me?

I said- I have ordered it online from Amazon for you… it will arrive in just two days.

When the order arrived, aunty was stunned.
There were a total of six sets of bra and panties in it.

Bras were also of different types like nursing bra, pushup bra, sports bra. There were also panties matching the bra.

Next day aunt’s daughter went to school.
Then alone I asked aunty – How did you like the stuff aunty… did you like it?

She said- I liked the color and pattern but did not check the fitting.
I said- then do it.

She laughed and went to the bedroom.
After some time he called me.
She said- please come inside!

When I went inside, my eyes widened in tears.
I was seeing my sexy aunty in red bra and panty.

Aunty said flirtatiously – Tell me how do I look in this?
I said- It is very beautiful. Try the rest too!

Aunty asked me to go out and called me back, then aunty was in yellow sports bra and yellow panty.

She called this after every bra change.
Aunty said for the last time – Stay here!

She opened her bra and her big breasts jumped out.

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I said – Hey Call Girl Mykonos Escort, this is a sports bra… the breasts do not bounce even when I run fast.
She said- Okay, is it so?

After doing this, she started jumping again wearing sports bra and my penis got erect after seeing her bouncing boobs.

Aunty looked at the erect penis and asked – Did he become erect just like that?
I said- Aunty, anyone would be able to stand up after seeing what you have.

Aunty took out her bra and said – Now let me jump and show it.
She just started jumping.

It was fun seeing her tight boobs that bounced, aah.
My penis became tighter and became clearly visible over the pants.

Seeing him aunty said – From above it looks quite big.
I said- Yes aunty, after seeing you today it has stood better.

She said- What is there in me?
I said- Aunty, your 36 size breasts are no less than a porn actress. Then the light brown nipples on top of them enhance their beauty.

Aunty said- Did you like it?
I said- Yes aunty, I have liked her for a long time.
Aunty said – Now you don’t call me aunty… call me and don’t even say it yourself, just say it.
I said- Yes I liked your boobs.

Pressing one of her boobs with her hands, she said – Come Look at them in your hands… how thirsty they are!
I also did not want to miss this opportunity.

When I caught hold of aunty’s boobs and started pressing them, it was a different kind of pleasure for me.
Her boobs were so tight and big, as if they had been enlarged through surgery.

I said to aunty – Your boobs were not that big before marriage, looks like uncle has worked hard!
So aunty laughed and said – Yes, uncle’s hard work is only at the top, at the bottom he has never been able to do anything well.

I was pressing her boobs with pleasure.
I said- I saw your boobs for the first time when you were breastfeeding your daughter. Seeing that milk, I also felt like drinking it.

She said- Now milk has stopped coming out but you can suck.

I immediately started sucking aunty’s boobs.
I pressed one of her nipples in my lips and started sucking and biting it.

Aunty also got in the mood for sex.
She started moving her hands in my hair and started moaning sensually.

I was sucking one of her breasts and pressing the other.
Then I put one of my hands inside her panty and I came to know that aunty had a lot of hair on her pussy.

I turned aside and said to aunty – Dear aunty, you have spoiled the mood. I don’t like this pussy hair at all.
Aunty said- Okay, so what is the big deal in this? I will come after cleaning and make you in a good mood.

Saying this aunty took off her panty.
Aunty’s thick ass was visible in it and so much hair on her pussy as if it had never been shaved.

I said- Aunty, remove all this hair and keep it clean from today onwards.
She said- Give me your beard razor.

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I gave my shaving cream and razor.
Aunty started cleaning her pussy hair in front of me.

Meanwhile I was busy sucking aunty’s big boobs.
Aunty said – You are done cleaning… now let me go to the bathroom… I will wash it now and make it shine.
I said- I will also go inside.

Aunty said – You fool, let me clean it with water and I also have to pee.
I said- Whatever you want to do, do it in front of me.

We both came to the bathroom, where I cleaned aunty’s pussy with water and started caressing it.

Aunty said- Now let me pee also.
I said- then do it!

Aunty sat down and started urinating.
Yellow colored urine was clearly visible coming out of her clean shaven pussy.

I also urinated and showed my penis to aunty.
Aunty’s lust was aroused after seeing the penis.

After urinating, both of us came back to the bedroom.

Aunty was sitting with her legs spread.
Her white pussy was clearly visible between her legs and was ready to be fucked in front of me.

I went to aunty and started kissing her.

Both of us were kissing in such a state of intoxication that we were not aware of our surroundings.

While kissing, I was pressing her boobs and caressing her pussy; Was playing with the grain of aunty’s pussy.

Aunty was in a very good mood.
She was moving her hands vigorously in my hair and making sensual moans.

I slid down and placed my mouth on aunty’s pussy; Started playing by licking the clitoris with his tongue.

White water had started coming out from aunty’s pussy.
I licked it with my tongue and drank it.

Aunty was tired due to discharge from her pussy.

I asked aunty – did you get tired after all this?
She said- When I was young, you were small. What will your aunt do now at the age of 35?

I said – Hey friend hat whore Mian Khalifa must be one or two years older than you… and you are talking this right now!
porn aunty started laughing.

After some laughing and joking, I kissed aunty again and started playing with her breasts.

This time I was pressing her breasts hard enough so that I could hear aunty scream. But he was not feeling pain.

Aunty put her hand in my pants and started caressing my penis.

He asked me to stand and removed my pants and shirt.

Seeing my erect penis in underwear, she said –  your penis looks much bigger than your uncle’s.

I said- Open it and see first!

Seeing the clean shaven penis, aunty said – Wow, it has been kept so clean, as soon as I saw it I felt like sucking it. Your uncle is completely full of hair. Never even felt like taking it in mouth.
I said- Okay then suck mine.

After that aunty started sucking my penis like a lollipop.
I was also pushing and inserting my penis into her mouth at speed.

After some time I said- Aunty the water will come out.
He quickly took out his penis.

After calming the penis a little, aunty said – Now put the penis in the pussy… and I will see the material there itself.
She wetted my penis with her spit and took a position by spreading her pussy.

When I inserted my penis, she screamed loudly and said – Ouch mother your penis is very big… it has gone so deep inside for the first time. Ah… slow down!

Now I was quenching her thirst by giving gentle thrusts.

After some time I increased the speed.
While having sex, I started pressing her boobs and then I ejaculated.

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We both separated and lay down on the bed.
I thought aunty must be tired now.

But she stood back up and licked away the water on my penis.

After that she pressed my penis between her breasts and started pumping milk.

This action of hers made my penis stand back up.

After that she sat on my penis and inserted it inside her vagina again.
She started jumping on the penis.

Her big boobs were bouncing loudly.
My excitement was increasing after watching that scene.

Aunty spit on my face and started laughing.

I also lifted her ass from below and started pushing her, started slapping her breasts.
I turned both their breasts red.

Then she got up from the penis and in the form of a mare herself said – till date I have never got my ass fucked.
I said- No problem, I will kill you today.

Stretch marks were visible on her fair ass.

I started licking and I made her ass turn red by slapping it.
Then after applying spit on her ass hole and inserting the penis inside, she screamed.

I increased the speed.
I was having a lot of fun listening to Pach Pach’s voice and her screams.

I was pressing her shaking boobs from behind.
Then I took out my penis from the ass and said to aunty – Aunty, sit down.

She immediately sat down.
I asked her to suck my penis.

She quickly took the penis in her mouth and sucked it very well.
After some time, I dropped the fluid from my penis in her mouth and some on her breasts.
Now both of us lay down.

Aunty started sucking the water of my penis that had fallen on her breasts with her finger and licked away all the semen that had fallen on her.

After that we both slept.

Then aunty got up, took bath, wore a hot new set of bra and panty and wore a tight blouse over it..
Aunt’s daughter returned from school.

Had tea and breakfast.

After dinner I slept on the sofa in the hall.

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After putting her daughter to sleep, aunty came back to me.
I made her lie there and fucked her reluctantly.

Till uncle came back from the hospital, we both kept having sex every day at different places, in the bathroom, in the kitchen.

After uncle’s arrival I returned to my home.

After that aunty and I started talking to each other on phone and started sending nude photos to each other through WhatsApp.

After that, I got only two more chances to get fucked!
But we have to admit that even after this age, aunty’s sexual enthusiasm was no less than that of a pornstar.

Now whenever aunty wanted anything, she used to get it from me.
A unique love relationship was formed between us.

Set the virgin Escort Mykonos in the bus and then fucked her

Friends, this incident happened a few days ago… when I had taken my sister-in-law along to make her appear for her bank exam.

Let me first tell you about my in-laws.
My father-in-law is a Babu in a government office and he has two daughters. One is my wife and one is my sister-in-law.
She doesn’t have any son.

I have been married for almost 5 years and my sister-in-law Aashna is only 2 years younger than my wife.
She is still a virgin.

My sister-in-law was preparing for bank exam and her exam center was in another city.

Since my father-in-law did not get leave from office, he called me and said – Get Aashna to take the exam. I have booked bus tickets for you and him.

He told me the time and date of departure.
My sister-in-law and I sat in the bus to give the exam. After boarding the bus, I came to know that my father-in-law had booked a double sleeper ticket.
We both lay down comfortably on our seats and started talking about escort mykonos.

After some time the bus left.
Both I and my sister-in-law slept.

Maybe Aashna was not sleeping, while I was asleep.

escort mykonos

After some time, when I opened my eyes, I saw that my sister-in-law was lying facing me and her T-shirt was lifted and her waist was visible.
I got excited seeing her and then pretended to be asleep and placed my hand on my sister-in-law’s waist.

Aashna did not say anything. This gave me more courage.
I slowly held her waist and placed one leg on top of her.
Now I had become very hot.

I was also afraid that it might burst.

Then suddenly the sister-in-law changed her side and slept with her buttocks towards me.
I stopped again out of fear.

After some time, sister-in-law touched her buttocks with my penis.
I thought that maybe Aashna was awakening and she too had become hot.

Then I placed my hand on her waist and pulled her towards me, so she came closer to me.
Now she could feel my hardening penis. I showed some courage and placed my hands on her boobs and started massaging them.

Even when Aashna did not protest against this, I understood that her sister-in-law was also ready to get fucked.
Without any delay I put my hand in her panty. When the hand went inside, it was found that her pussy was already wet.

I held her tightly in my arms and turned her around and started lip kissing her.
Aashna had still not opened her eyes.

I told him- Now everything is done… open your eyes.
He said- I am feeling ashamed.

When I started caressing her slowly, she became very hot.
She said- Brother-in-law, take me to heaven.

Without any delay I also started fingering her pussy. She had become very hot and her pussy was flowing.

escort mykonos

Due to being in the bus, we were not able to have sex… because sister-in-law was having sex for the first time. If she had screamed, things could have gone wrong.

The second problem was that bleeding from the vagina could also cause some problems.

Thinking this, both of us came into 69 position.
I pulled her pajamas down to her knees. She was wearing black panties.

As soon as I pulled down her panty, I saw her white pussy.
She had cleaned her pussy.

Blue-red blood vessels were visible on her white pussy.
Seeing her smooth pussy, I went crazy but what could I do in the bus.

When I slowly started licking her pussy, my sister-in-law also started going crazy.
She started pressing my head into her pussy.

After some time, she took out my penis from the underwear and got scared after seeing it.
He immediately released his penis.

I removed my mouth from the pussy and asked – What happened? Why did you leave the banana?
She said- Brother-in-law, yours is very big.

I said- Yes so what, the bigger one has more fun.

She said- So didi must be enjoying it a lot?
I told her – Now this banana has become your sister’s as well as yours. You will also get to eat this. Now you suck it and give me pleasure too.
She started sucking my penis.

I was licking her white pussy and she was sucking my penis along with the penis.

After some time we both became free.

After a few minutes the bus stopped at a escort mykonos house and we both cleaned our hands and face and went back to sleep.

I had fallen asleep but my sister-in-law was still not asleep.
When I was sleeping, I felt as if someone was teasing me.

As soon as I woke up, I saw that my sister-in-law was caressing my penis.

I said- Are you not sleeping?
She said- You haven’t given me your penis yet, so how will I sleep?

I said- Wait till morning, we will go to the hotel and have lots of sex in escort mykonos.
But she said- I want it now.

I said- This is your first time, what will you do if blood comes out?
But she did not agree and kept caressing my penis.

Gradually I also became hot and my penis also started saluting.

main qimg 58e67b7aeade0443ea84975699a50fea

Now I said – I don’t even have a condom yet!
He said- You leave your water in my mouth.

In this way, when she did not agree, I pulled down her lower and panty and set my penis between her buttocks and between the cracks of her pussy.

Then as soon as I rubbed my penis on her pussy, her mother got fucked… a painful sound came out.

I said- keep quiet, someone will hear.
She became silent.

When I again slowly inserted my penis into her pussy, her pussy was very hot.

Due to the pussy being wet, half of my penis went inside due to pressure.

He said ‘Oh mummy is dead… ah jiju… stop.’

When he asked me to stop and said – it is hurting a lot.
So I stopped.

There was no way her pussy could be fucked in the bus.
There was a 100 percent chance of getting thrashed.

When she herself realized this due to the pain in her pussy, she also understood that taking a dick in her pussy for the first time is not a joke. This may tear the pussy and make the matter worse.

She has now agreed that she doesn’t want to be fucked right now, it’s okay to just squirt the juice on top.

She started masturbating and I started fingering her pussy.

After some time we both ejaculated.

Then both of us made a plan that after the exam, both of us will have full night sex together.

After that we both slept.

Next day he gave the exam and returned to the hotel.

There were return tickets in the evening, so I got them canceled and called my father-in-law and told him that we had missed the bus and now our tickets were for the next day on escort mykonos.

After my father-in-law, I told my wife also.
Then I booked a room in a hotel and by keeping my sister-in-law in that hotel, I made a program to celebrate my sister-in-law’s sex like a honeymoon.

I went to the market and brought a wedding dress for my sister-in-law and also brought all the makeup items to make her beautiful.
I also bought a gold ring for her.

main qimg befeb78011feb9728c5efd8ff8b3be8b pjlq

Then also took some flowers etc.
Bringing too many flowers could have been a bit messy and the hotel staff might have got suspicious, so I took less flowers.

Later, when I came back to the hotel, I asked a waiter from downstairs to leave the ring in the room and sent all the luggage and called my sister-in-law and said – I am sending the luggage. Get ready, today is your wedding night.

She felt shy.

Within some time, the things reached her and along with decorating the room, she also started decorating herself like a bride.

I also made my way to the escort mykonos bar and drank two large pegs of vodka.

Now I started waiting to go into the room. I was getting desperate to do virgin teen bitch Xxx.

Then I got a call from my sister-in-law – Where are you brother-in-law, I am ready. you come.
I said- Don’t call brother-in-law today darling… call me darling!

She laughed and said in the style of a wife – Hey, do you listen… I am missing you a lot. Where are you left… come quickly!

Papa, I swear, I was deeply moved by his attitude and I kissed him and said – Darling, he has just arrived. Was taking something in your memory!

She said- What were you taking dear… tell me too!

I said- If you like to drink, can I bring it for you too?

She said – Today we are yours… make us drink whatever you want. Just come and just push the room. Your beloved will be found waiting for you on your wedding bed.
I was deeply happy with what he said.

Then I paid attention to his talk about giving me a drink and I understood that the prisoner had understood about drinking alcohol and was also talking about drinking it.

I ordered a half pack of vodka and headed towards the room.

While leaving, I took a potency enhancing pill and came out of the room with my penis erect.

When the room was pushed the door opened.

There was dim blue light inside and my sister-in-law, wearing a red wedding dress, was sitting on the bed with her knees bent like a bride.

She was wearing a long veil.

I was very happy.

When I sat close to her and extended my hand to lift her veil, she said in an intoxicating voice – Will you not show my face?

I quickly took out the gold ring I had bought for her from my pocket and put it on her ring finger.

Then he lifted the veil of his sister-in-law, dressed as a bride.

Ah…she was looking amazing like escort mykonos.

When I slowly kissed her lips, a sigh came out of her mouth and our tongues started fighting with each other.

Within no time she was completely naked in my lap.

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Without wasting any time, I did Xxx 69 with my sister-in-law and fucked her pussy once.

My penis had become a stone.
I thought that if he doesn’t have much pain, I will give him a peg to drink.

When I told her this, she said in a escort mykonos style – Give me whatever you want, my king… today your maid is ready to get laid in front of you in every way.

Then I made two pegs and gave her one to drink, the other I put it on her breasts and pussy and drank it.

Now I spread her legs and set my pestle on the crack of her pussy and without saying anything, inserted my penis into her pussy.

By the time she screamed, I had pressed her mouth and pushed my penis completely inside with four thrusts without stopping.

The seal of the virgin teen sister’s pussy had burst and bleeding had started.

After some time, sister-in-law started giving me the pleasure of fucking by becoming a escort mykonos.

That night I fucked my sister-in-law four times.
The fucking ceremony continued till four in the morning.

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Her pussy had swollen like a shortbread and she was burning with fever.
I gave her the medicine pill and we both slept together.

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