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Mykonos Escort fucked by 4 men in a Big hotel

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Mykonos Escort group sex in hotel – You are reading this story on

The foursome sex story is about Mykonos Escort who had gone to an office meeting with her colleagues.

This foursome sex story is of Mykonos Escort Tasha when she joined a new job.

There she became friends with Adam, the head of the accounts department.

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At that time Tasha was 24 years old and was unmarried.
Although she had been fucked by her boyfriend many times, she had now broken up with him.

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At that time her figure was 32B-28-34. Her boobs were small but very attractive.

To get settled in the new job, he made friends with the account head and HR.

After some time, due to office work, Tasha went to Mykonos with account head Adam HR Steve, and a sales department person, George.
There was a company meeting there.

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She had gone to Mykonos by car with all three of them. Reached there around 3-4 o’clock.

He took two rooms in a hotel. One room was for Tasha and all three stayed in the other room.
He had come back after lunch on the way and started taking some rest.

The hotel was very wonderful. There was also a swimming pool there.
In the evening they all went swimming.
There all four of them had some fun and drank beer.

After this everyone came to the room and freshened up.

After a while, there was a knock on the door of Tasha’s room.
Steve had come.
He had brought a dress for Tasha for the evening party.

Everyone went to the party together.
The meeting with whom the meeting was to take place also took place at this party.

There was also a pub there, where drinks and dinner were available.
After the meeting, everyone was in a fun mood, so everyone drank and danced together.

After dinner, when Tasha started going to the room, Steve called her to his room.

When Tasha asked, he said – Come, friend, we will drink for some more time. Will have some fun too.
Tasha was also in the mood, so she agreed.

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After some time, Tasha came out of the bathroom fresh and came to his room.
On the other hand, all three of them were having a drink and smoking cigarettes.

As soon as Tasha arrived, Steve prepared a peg and gave it to her. Tasha said cheers and started taking the drink.

They all started talking and I kept having drinks along with them.

Steve made Tasha drink 2 pegs of whiskey. She was in a state of intoxication.

Steve extended the cigarette towards her and she started taking puffs of the cigarette.

At this time Tasha was looking very sexy. Her mom was increasing the lust of all three of them.

After some time, Tasha had to go to the toilet, so she got up but due to the intoxication of alcohol, she staggered.

Steve supported her and went with her to the bathroom.
There Tasha vomited in the wash basin of the toilet.

Steve caressed her back and said – There is no problem Tasha… don’t worry. We are all with you.

Tasha stopped there for some time, controlled herself, and told Steve that she was feeling nauseous.

Steve helped Tasha and made her sit on the commode in the toilet.

Steve was there. She started looking towards Steve.
Steve asked- Should I go out?

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Tasha gestured for help in taking off her panties.
Sitting down, Steve lifted Tasha’s dress and removed her panty.

The very next moment Tasha started releasing her squirt from her pussy.

After a minute, she again looked at Steve and Steve poured water on her pussy with a hand shower and rubbed her pussy, and washed it.
Tasha was drunk and was not able to react even a little.

After washing her pussy, Steve supported Tasha and lifted her from the commode.
Then he lowered her mini and brought her back to the room; Tasha was made to lie down on the bed and they all started talking.

Tasha was almost asleep while lying on the bed.
Steve’s attention was focused on her.

Then Steve picked up his peg and finished it in one breath and got up and came near her.
He started caressing and pressing her boobs over the dress itself.

Tasha opened her eyes and protested slightly.
The two men sitting in front of her, Adam and George, started enjoying the scene.

After some time, Tasha ended her protest and gave freedom to Steve.

Now Steve became cool and started enjoying by pressing Tasha’s breasts over her mini.
Tasha started supporting him with a little hesitation.

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After a few moments, Steve started removing Tasha’s dress with both his hands.
Steve had already removed Tasha’s panty in the bathroom and Tasha had not worn the panty when she returned from the bathroom.

Now Tasha was completely naked.
When Alpesh saw Tasha’s naked beauty, his intoxication increased.
He caught hold of both her breasts with his hands and started massaging them.

Within some time, Steve became hot and he almost climbed on Tasha.
Steve placed his lips on Tasha’s neck and started kissing.

Seeing this, George also came near Tasha and his hands started moving on Tasha’s bare legs.
Slowly George started moving upwards on Tasha’s legs.

By that time, Tasha’s pussy was covered due to Steve’s erection.
On the other hand, when Steve saw George’s hands moving up, he came next to Tasha and gave way to George to move forward.

Now George’s hands started moving on Tasha’s legs towards her pussy.
He slowly started to excite Tasha by moving his hands on the sides of her pussy.

Tasha had also started regaining some consciousness. He also started enjoying it.
She started sighing while enjoying the touch of Steve and George.

Her legs were opened and George could see the cleavage of her white pussy.

Here, Steve had taken control of one of Tasha’s breasts and he started enjoying the pleasure of sucking one of Tasha’s breasts by pressing it into his lips and pulling it.
Tasha’s nipples had started getting hard, which indicated that Tasha was starting to get aroused.

Now Tasha started enjoying more and she started coming to her senses.
She started saying – Ahh friend, come one by one…not together…I also want fun.

He removed George from below.
She wanted to say a lot… but was not able to.
He could not understand whom he should let do it first.

Maybe she liked Steve more because Steve had helped her and helped her clean her pussy in the bathroom.

Steve had understood that she was in love with him only.
As soon as Steve understood this, he started playing with Tasha’s body again held her hand, and made her stand.
Tasha’s mini was still hanging from her body.

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Now George came forward and removed Tasha’s mini by moving it from bottom to top.
Now there was not even a shred of clothes on Tasha’s body. Her smooth pussy and full bare breasts had brought all three of them to the peak of excitement.

Tasha was still standing with the support of Steve’s arms.
Steve was sucking her breasts and from below George started licking Tasha’s pussy with his tongue.

Adam, who was quiet till now, took off all his clothes and came near Tasha. He freed Tasha from Steve’s grip and made her sit on the bed.
Tasha opened her eyes and started feeling shy after seeing three lustful men in front of her.

The redness of lust was visible in Tasha’s eyes also.
Just then, Adam’s black penis started waving in front of Tasha’s eyes.

Seeing Adam’s huge penis, Tasha got scared and started looking up.
He saw Adam’s drunken eyes burning with lust in his eyes.

When Tasha’s eyes met Adam’s, Adam signaled her to take his penis in her mouth.
But Tasha refused by shaking her head.

But at that very moment, Adam pressed one of Tasha’s breasts with force and Tasha’s mouth opened with a sigh.
At that very moment, Adam put his penis in Tasha’s mouth.

Tasha had taken the penis in her mouth. Perhaps she liked the taste of the penis, so now she started sucking Adam’s penis.

Now seeing Tasha sucking Adam’s penis, Steve and George also came near her.
Steve sat behind her and started massaging her breasts. Here, from the front, George sat on his knees and entered between Adam’s spread legs and started licking Tasha’s pussy with his tongue.

At this time Tasha was enjoying sex with three men. Tasha had put her hand around Adam’s waist and was sucking his penis with pleasure.

Within a short time, Adam’s penis had completely become iron.

Now Adam made Tasha stand in doggy style and came behind her and inserted his penis into Tasha’s pussy.

Tasha was taking such a big cock for the first time.
Therefore, as soon as the penis entered her vagina, she groaned.

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At the same time, Steve put his penis in Tasha’s mouth due to which her voice remained suppressed.

Started pushing into Meheen’s pussy from behind. Here, Steve was busy massaging Tasha’s breasts and moving his penis back and forth in her mouth.

While watching the sex scene of three people, George could not control himself and came down on Tasha.

He gestured to Adam behind Tasha.
Adam understood this hint and took out his penis from Tasha’s pussy.

Tasha, who was enjoying getting her pussy fucked, suddenly started getting restless after taking out the cock.
Before saying anything, he tried to take out Steve’s penis but Steve did not take it out.

Now George inserted his penis into her pussy and she signaled to Adam.

Adam came behind Tasha and started inserting his penis in her ass.
Tasha was not loosening her ass.

Seeing this, George, who was sitting from below, twisted one nipple of her breast with force, then Tasha’s attention shifted from her ass to her nipple and at the same time, Adam’s penis went inside, tearing her ass.

Tasha suddenly felt like screaming, but Steve’s penis had entered her mouth, so she started crying in pain.

Now Adam’s cock was moving in Tasha’s ass. George was in the pussy and Steve’s cock was in the mouth. All three holes of Tasha were being fully used.

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Tasha had lost all her intoxication but now she started enjoying group sex.
Along with the penises of all three men, now Tasha’s waist and mouth were also moving.

After some time, Adam’s work was about to be completed, so he took out his penis from her ass.
He came near Tasha’s mouth.

Seeing her coming, Steve took the penis out of his mouth.
At the same time, Adam released the squirt of his penis on her mouth.

George also changed his position and started fucking her ass.

By now Tasha was very tired and wanted to rest.
It was not possible to make a mark out of it.

When he expressed his views, Steve took it upon himself.
Now she was on top of Steve and George was inserting his penis into her ass from behind.

In all this, Tasha’s fucking continued for a long time and everyone lost their intoxication.

Tasha got tired and fell asleep like this, but all three sat down and drank whiskey again and after an hour, they fucked the sleeping Tasha once again.

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When Tasha opened her eyes in the morning, she found herself naked. Steve, Adam, and George were also seen lying naked nearby.

For a second, the scenes of the entire night flashed in his eyes… and then a smile appeared on his face.
Then she went to the bathroom took a bath and came out.

After some time, after everyone got up, she took Steve to her room and started getting her pussy fucked.
He had liked Steve.

When Mykonos Escort came home, she wrote this incident in her diary, which came into my hands today and I presented her group sex story to you.
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The lust for pussy fucking was quenched by the Myknonos escort

After fucking the Mykonos Escort, I was very happy and felt like having sex one more time. When I came home I was feeling very tired. If I wanted to book it again…

You read that while fucking a Mykonos Escort named Kim, I had ejaculated in her pussy.

Now further:

For twenty-five seconds, semen from my penis kept squirting into her pussy. I felt that the entire condom inside was filled with my semen. I remained lying on her like that for a minute. Kim was kissing me with a tight hug. Even now her legs were holding my waist.

After two minutes, I moved away from her and moved to the side. I saw that the condom was filled with semen and my penis was still moving slightly up and down.
Never before had so much semen come out of my penis. But today I was surprised.

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Then I started kissing Kim. I was also massaging her nipples.
Kim told me – Steve, you fuck a lot and very hard. To date, I have had sex with many people your penis may be small but it is very thick and you fuck with very high speed.

I told her – My thirst is not quenched yet, my love… I still have to fuck you more.
Kim also said- Yes, I also want to get fucked once more.
He started kissing me.

She removed the condom from my penis and took it straight into her mouth and cleaned all the semen with her tongue. Soon I once again became so excited that I held her head and started fucking her mouth with my cock.

After a minute my penis started saluting again. I told her- Now I want to fuck you in doggy style.
She started saying – You learned very quickly, or you were making me a pussy. Now you have started talking about doggy style?
I laughed and said – I had experience in blue films, but you have given me the knowledge of pussy fucking.

Kim got up and kissed me and after putting the second condom on my penis, she came on the bed in doggy style.
I saw that her ass was bulging so much that I felt like putting my penis in her ass. But Kim had already said that she does not get ass fucked. That’s why I was left heartbroken.

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Then I kissed her ass and placed my erect penis in the cleft of her pussy and gave a strong shot. My penis went inside her pussy with a jerk.
Kim shouted in a loud voice – Aah… aah… yes my king, fuck me… fuck this whore of yours aah hard aah!

I too got excited and took out my penis and gave another shot. She started screaming louder and making noises.

Now I slapped her four or five times on her buttocks. She started screaming in pain. When I looked at my hard penis, it had become even harder. I started fucking her pussy just like that.

Kim was making sensual sounds. There was a ‘thup thup’ sound as her ass hit my thigh. I held her hair from behind in doggy style, fucked her pussy hard, and also slapped her ass a lot. I started fucking her vigorously by holding her hair.

This was the second round of our sex and more than ten minutes had passed, but my penis had not yet ejaculated.
I was tired of pushing from behind. I said to Kim- Now I lie down, you come up and sit on my penis.

She also immediately came and placed her pussy on my penis and while kissing me, she sat on my penis. I was holding her ass down and moving her up and down.

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After five minutes, her pussy was about to ejaculate, so her pace became even faster. She started moving up and down vigorously. Besides, both her orange breasts were bouncing in the air.

After a full twenty minutes, his body started becoming stiff. She said now you come up… I will lie down.
I soon made her lie down and started fucking her pussy while riding on her. A loud thumping sound was coming from my thighs hitting her thighs.

Kim- Ha… Aah… Aah… Fuck me harder and faster inside… I am about to ejaculate my king… Fuck me harder… Fuck me harder Aaha… Aaha… I am ejaculating… Aaha!
Her body became stiff and she orgasmed. I was still shooting rapidly into her pussy.

After two minutes, Cum was also about to come out of my penis. Kim started supporting me. She again tightened both her legs around my waist and started kissing me. She started biting my chest, biting my nipples. I got excited and pushed hard and ejaculated into her pussy. A huge Cum of semen had erupted from my penis into Kim’s pussy. I got tired and lay down on her.

After lying down like that for two minutes, my penis came out of her pussy on its own. I saw that my condom got stuck in her pussy and my five inch penis had become one inch long.

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Kim saw that a lot of semen was flowing from my condom and falling on the bed.
She quickly took out the condom from her pussy and said – I am right, friend… there is a lot of semen in your penis and you also fuck well. I also enjoyed it a lot. I will never forget this fuck. I can also give you the job of sex. Will you do the fucking business?

After hearing about the sex business, I asked her – What happened?
He said that would become a call boy. In this, girls, aunties, or sisters-in-law are in search of a cock to quench the fire of their pussy.
I listened to him and thought for a while and said – let’s talk later.

That day I had sex with Kim twice and had a lot of fun. Then both of us got ready to go. She wore a Panty and I gave her money. Once again I kissed her.

While leaving she said – I will call you later… you tell me.
I nodded yes.

After fucking Kim, I was very happy and now I felt like having sex with her once again. As soon as I came home after fucking her, I was feeling very tired.

I fell asleep just thinking about my sex with Kim Randi. I slept well and kept fucking Kim even in my dreams.

When I woke up in the morning, I felt that my pants were wet. I went to the bathroom and saw that due to yesterday’s sex and night’s dream, my semen had come out in my pants.

I smiled completed my morning work got ready and left for office.

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As soon as I reached the office, I again started thinking about tomorrow. All the things of yesterday were appearing to me again and again like a dream and I started feeling like fucking Kim again.

Friends, I want to tell you one thing if you ever have sex for the first time in your life… then the thought of having sex will come to your mind again and again.
This was the reason why I thought that I would call Kim for sex one more time and have fun once more.

I called Kim.
He picked it up and said- Tell me… how was your day yesterday… did you enjoy it? Tell me why did you call again today?
I told him- I want to meet you again. I had a lot of fun yesterday, but my heart was not satisfied.

Kim started laughing after listening to me and said – I knew that you would call… but I had not thought that you would call so soon. Anyway, I was going to call you after two days.

I said- But I can’t control it now, you meet today at the same place as yesterday.
Kim said- No, today I am going to someone else. Just last night another customer booked me. We both meet tomorrow.
I said- Okay.

I hung up the phone and became sad. But still, I had the feeling of yesterday’s fucking, that first kiss, that first naked woman, her boobs, her pussy, her ass… the same things were visible everywhere.

I quickly went to the office washroom and there I masturbated in Kim’s name and calmed my penis.

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Then I returned to my place and started working reluctantly. To be honest, I did not feel like working. I felt like fucking Kim again and again and my penis was getting erect again and again.

Due to this, I went out of the office to the field and after coming home in the evening, I called Kim – Come a little early tomorrow… and stay till late.
He laughed and said- Okay.

I went back to the bathroom, masturbated in Kim’s name, calmed down, and went to sleep.

Waking up early the next morning, I called my boss in the office and said – I am not feeling well, so I will not be able to come to the office today.
Sir also said- Okay.

As soon as I got leave from her, I became very happy and started thinking that today I will fuck Kim vigorously again. I got ready quickly called Kim and fixed our meeting at the designated place.

I reached there before time and started waiting for her.
More than ten minutes passed and Kim did not come, so I called her and asked – where are you? How long have I been here?

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She said that I would reach in just five minutes…right now I am in the auto.
I said- Okay come quickly… I am waiting.

I disconnected the call. I started waiting for her eagerly. Ten minutes had passed, but she did not come. So I called her back and asked – Where have you been… How long have I been waiting for you?

She said – That’s it, Adam… I am reaching now, wait for two minutes… I am on signal, I am coming.

Saying this, she disconnected the call and I started waiting for her while caressing my penis.

After five minutes she was walking in front of me. Today she looks amazing. Today she wore blue panties and a blouse of the same color. She looked like a commodity. As soon as I saw her, my penis in my pants started saluting.

We quickly took the room and came to the room. As soon as she came inside, I quickly closed the door of the room and held her tightly from behind.

She was shocked by this action of mine and said – Hey hey just wait… I am not going to run away anywhere. First let me keep my purse etc. and take out the scarf, my love.

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I held her like that and started kissing her neck from behind. Intoxicating moans were coming out of Kim’s mouth. She caressed my hair with her hand and continued moaning with her eyes closed.

Then I left her and came forward, removed the pallu of the Panty from her body, and started sucking her lips vigorously. She also started supporting me and we both kept kissing for two minutes.

I quickly removed her Panty from her body, laid her on the bed, and climbed on top of her.

Mykonos Escort pussy fucked by removing Panty

I was between two horny Mykonos escort in the hotel room. How did I calm down those two friends by fucking their pussies?

Then the next night, both Izeba and I understood each other’s thirst and agreed to quench it.

Both of us were playing with each other’s bodies when a call came from Izeba’s best friend. She was coming to meet Izeba. After he came, I came to know that Izeba had called him to quench the thirst of her pussy with my cock.

Both of them stripped me naked and pounced on me. One started playing with my body and the other started eating my penis. Both the fuckers were eager to have sex.
Now further:

Izeba was still sucking my penis. My penis was completely soaked with her spit and spit was coming out of her mouth and reaching my balls.

She was sucking my penis delicately. I found the sound coming from her mouth very pleasant. Malini now got up and went to Izeba.

Izeba pulled back Malini’s hair and took her mouth near my penis. Malini also seemed like a solid player. Without any hesitation, she pressed my penis into her mouth and started sucking it. The cock sucking she did was beyond my imagination.

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She was taking my penis deeper into her mouth than Izeba. Only a little part of my penis was out of her mouth, otherwise, she had almost the entire penis pressed in her mouth. She was massaging the entire penis with her tongue.

Every pore of my being was getting pleasure from such sucking. I saw that by then Izeba had prepared one peg each for herself and Malini. It was 1.30 in the night and none of the three of us were in a hurry. I felt like we all were hungry but no one was in a hurry to eat.

Everyone was great. Izeba brought the peg and gave it to Malini and she sat near me and Malini and started drinking. Malini was holding my penis in one hand and the glass in the other hand. She would take a sip of wine and then take my penis in her mouth once again.

It had been 2-3 hours since we were all engrossed in each other, but everything was going on peacefully. Now Malini got up and took Izeba’s peg from her hand and made her lie down on the bed again.

After finishing her drink, Malini threw the glass down, seeing as I realized that the intoxication was now taking over both of them. Izeba’s eyes were intoxicating just by looking at them and after drinking alcohol, I felt like stealing them and keeping them with myself!

It was two o’clock in the night and the devil inside me had lost its temper after seeing Izeba lying down. I slapped Izeba hard on her breasts.

Due to this sudden attack, abuse came out of his mouth – Ouch… Motherfucker, take it easy.
His abuse added fuel to the burning fire. I held Izeba’s neck with both my hands, just as a person held another’s neck to strangle her.

Here Malini was also taking my penis to her throat like a vicious player. I was just teasing Izeba’s breasts like this.

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Here Malini said- I can’t bear it anymore. I want cock now.

Izeba started laughing and said – Eat it… First, you eat his thick fresh cock, perhaps you will not let me take my number right now, bitch.
I was listening to Izeba.

Malini lay down and I also lay down parallel to her.

Within a blink of an eye, Izeba sat on my penis.

Malini said angrily – Izeba, you bitch, you asked me to eat and ate the penis yourself?
I laughed and said – Hey my lionesses, you are only a little hungry! Apart from you, someone else is also hungry here.

Meanwhile, Izeba had taken my penis deep into her pussy. She started getting fucked while moving up and down, taking the cock into her pussy. But there was also slight pain on his face. Perhaps the tip of my penis was reaching deep into her stomach.

The penis had gone inside almost completely but still had not reached the root. There was still some part outside the vagina. Izeba’s speed was not much. She was taking my penis in her pussy by moving up and down very comfortably.

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Now I gave a little shock from below due to which an electric shock ran through Izeba’s entire body and she got up from me and lay down beside me holding her stomach. He was in a lot of pain.

The blow I gave probably hit her uterus! I also immediately got up and said sorry, took her in my arms, and started playing with her breasts and caressing them gently. After a minute or two she became a little normal, but due to the pain, her enthusiasm had probably cooled down.

I was not liking this at all. Now, since I was possessed by the beast of lust, I asked Malini to become a bitch. Malini sucked my penis which was wet with Izeba’s pussy juice.

She pretended to be a bitch and exposed her ass in front of me. I was afraid that Malini might also feel pain.
But these imaginations of mine turned out to be just imaginations because Malini’s pussy was bigger than Izeba’s pussy. Or we can say that her pussy was more open than Izeba’s pussy.

Now I was slowly driving my penis into Malini’s pussy. But what is this? Malini herself pulled me towards herself and in one stroke took my entire penis inside her pussy. My penis went inside her pussy smoothly without stopping or getting stuck anywhere. I gave a jerk to the last inch that was left and took it all in.

As soon as the penis entered the root, an intoxicating sigh came from her mouth. His breathing started moving like a train engine.

Meanwhile, Izeba was also slowly coming back to her normal form.
I asked- How are you feeling now?
She said- I am fine, but what happened to her (Malini)?

I said – It has not happened yet, but it will happen.
Meanwhile, sounds started coming out of Malini’s mouth. She, like a bitch, was getting fucked by my cock in her pussy while shaking her ass continuously. Five minutes had passed since the cock was stuck in her pussy and she was moving her ass on my cock.

Her pussy released water only after five minutes. As soon as her pussy juice started dripping, she lay down on the bed and kept her head down. I was still inserting my penis into her pussy from behind.
I told Izeba to make one more peg for you and me.

main qimg ead90162dab444f4b5a9aa319f82dff3

Izeba got up and prepared drinks for both of them. I made Malini straight and started caressing her thighs. Then he placed his penis on her pussy and started inserting it slowly. This time he was having more pain.

Earlier, the same thing had happened with Izeba too, so I thought of fucking her slowly. I slowly inserted my penis deep into her pussy. Now my entire penis was in Malini’s pussy. The juice was continuously flowing out of her pussy which was now wetting the bed as well.

Malini seemed as if she was thirsty for years and this time as soon as I thrust hard into her pussy for some time, she again reached the verge of orgasm. She took me in her embrace and I kept thrusting into her pussy continuously.

Her breathing was again going out of control and while kissing me wildly, she orgasmed once again. I could feel the hot water flowing from her pussy on my penis. Both of us remained lying in this condition for some time. Malini’s game was almost over.

She kissed me and laughingly said – When will you take out your stuff?
His words brought a devilish smile to my face and I said – You two and I alone! Still, asking this question?

I got up and kissed Izeba. Both Malini and Izeba were lying next to me.

main qimg 9b3160d4430831f8dbd5ace5556e9520 lq

Now it was the turn of the one for whom I had come so far. It was about 3 o’clock in the night.
Malini wanted to take some rest but at the same time, she did not want to go out of this game of sex.

Izeba’s hand had gone to my penis which was already erect like an iron rod. Now it was my turn to do everything. I turned my face towards Izeba and started licking her armpits. She was losing her temper by licking her armpits and started twisting my penis vigorously.

Now I had reached her breasts while kissing her neck and I had one of her breasts in my mouth and my hand had started moving on her pussy. I licked the water coming out of her pussy with my finger. Izeba’s pussy water had a very salty taste.

Izeba was losing her temper due to my continuous licking and now I reached her pussy while licking. I was drinking the semen coming out of her pussy and she was writhing like a fish without water.

As soon as I started rubbing my tongue on the clitoris of her pussy, it was as if she was transported to another world! She pressed my head between her legs and holding my long hair, she was continuously pressing my mouth into her pussy.

She started moaning and getting lost in the clouds of intoxication. Malini added fuel to his fire. Malini took one of her breasts in her mouth and started drinking it. Now the game becomes more fun after lesbians join the sex game.

Now Malini would sometimes press her breasts in her mouth and sometimes put the other breast in her mouth and bite its black and rosy nipples. Due to this, Izeba could not control herself and a squirt of lust came out of her pussy and started filling it in my mouth.

main qimg f4a77e57709e853120e89308ffec59d7

Izeba’s pussy water was very tasty in itself. I drank all the water and cleaned her pussy by licking it. Almost an hour more passed in the journey from sucking Izeba’s pussy to her ejaculation. Now it was around 4 o’clock and both the players were still looking at me.

Izeba said- What clay are you made of? Both of us have ejaculated twice but you are not taking the name of getting ejaculated?
I said- Madam, you called me for some other purpose but you did something else! Now that the work has started, let’s see who has the guts!

Hearing this from me, both of them started laughing and said – Your strength is visible. A thin and lean person, whose waist was 28 inches and whose arms and legs were thinner than ours, had beaten both of us together.

I laughed and pulled Malini towards me and said – Come on, suck me for a while, I have to fuck Izeba one more time. Along with you too. I have come for five days, try as hard as you can, if you succeed in shaking me even once, I will do whatever you say.

Both of them were surprised to hear this and Malini without wasting time filled my penis in her mouth. There was something different about Izeba’s body. The fragrance coming from her armpits was driving me crazy.

Malini prepared me again by sucking my penis and this time I made Izeba lie down in a missionary position. When Malini was asked to lie down parallel to him, she did the same. Malini came and lay down near him.

I climbed on Izeba and without wasting time placed my penis on her pussy. Now Malini came over to me and started rubbing her breasts on my waist. I started getting crushed between two legs, but that moment was the happiest moment of my life.

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The heat of two bodies was making me uncontrollable and I again started fucking Izeba’s pussy like an animal. This time Izeba was not feeling pain but immense pleasure. I was shaking my waist vigorously and hitting my thighs on her pussy.

Now her legs started opening on their own. Seeing this, Malini started caressing her pussy.
I said- Why are you moving your hands darling? Come, lie here and open your legs and put them near me.

Malini did the same. She came down and lay down. My cock was continuously pumping Izeba’s pussy like a bull in a crusher and now I was licking Malini’s pussy with my tongue. Here Izeba, lying below me, was vigorously taking my penis into her pussy by shaking her waist.

On the other hand, I was licking Malini’s pussy. Meanwhile, I felt that Izeba’s pussy was about to spill cum. So I stopped a bit and turned Izeba’s face towards Malini’s pussy.
Without any delay, Agika placed her tongue on the clitoris of Malini’s pussy.
She started sucking Malini’s pussy with great speed.

I got up from Izeba and put my penis in Malini’s mouth. Malini was so excited that she wanted to eat my penis.

Suddenly Malini again released her semen which this time went straight into Izeba’s mouth.

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Malini was tired. Now Izeba and I got up and I lifted her in my lap and took her to the sofa. I made her lie down on the sofa and inserted my penis into her pussy in one stroke. My penis tore the walls of her pussy and hit her uterus.

But this time I was also not going to stop. My grip was very strong and I was not giving Izeba a chance to move.

After some time the situation became normal again. Now Izeba herself started moving her pussy on my penis. She was responding to every thrust of mine by moving her waist while lying down.

I asked him- what to do next?
He said- Just drop your cum inside my pussy once. I want to have the pleasure of getting your cum stuffed in my pussy.

It seemed as if I too was longing to hear this. I increased the speed of my thrusts. Each of my thrusts was tearing her pussy and reaching her stomach and I was feeling as if my penis was rubbing against something else inside.

Such sounds were coming out of Izeba’s mouth as Aah… Aah… Ohhh… Ohhh… I died… I got torn… Ahhh got fucked… Ahhh fun… Ahhh fuck… such sounds were coming out.

Friends, I told them that both of us had started even before Malini arrived and now it was about 4.30 in the morning. I was stuck in the field for so long.

The sounds coming out of Izeba’s mouth were making me more excited. Izeba’s pussy was about to release water. I held her waist and started pulling my penis to the root of her pussy and hitting it. Izeba’s pussy water started flowing again.

Fuch-fuch sounds started coming from her pussy and I was also about to ejaculate. The water coming out of Izeba’s pussy had made my work easier. I was getting immense pleasure while inserting my penis into the smoothness of her pussy.

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Now I also started ejaculating in her pussy. The cum coming out of my penis started quenching the fire in her pussy. Now both of us naturally remained glued to each other on the sofa and Izeba’s pussy was taking in every drop of semen coming out of my penis.

We both lay there clinging to each other like this for some time. Then I got up and took Izeba along and lay down between Malini and Izeba. Both were looking very happy.

I kissed both of them and said – Don’t wake me up until I wake up on my own in the morning!
On this, Izeba said- Sir, what about your massage service?

I laughed at her words and said – What do you want now, madam? I am always ready.
She started smiling and while caressing my penis with her hand, she placed her head on my chest and slept clinging to me.

Friends, this was fucking story. I still had three more days left. The further story is somewhat different from this and I will tell you about those incidents that happened in the North-East in the future stories.

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